South Africa's Popular immune booster for the past 18 years!

Immunadue is a supplement that assists in supporting the functioning of the immune system, while also improving general well-being. 

Immunadue has been on the market for more than 18 years!

Available at most Pharmacies, Clicks pharmacies, Dis-Chems and Takealot. Simply ask for “The One With The Purple Cap”.

Immuna-C is your product with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Selenium

Formulated to be the one compound for strengthening for the fight against THE VIRUS. Now it is no longer necessary to buy multiple products at a high price.

Calcium ascorbate is twice as bioavailable as ascorbic acid. As a type of vitamin C, calcium ascorbate also offers health benefits, such as improving immune functioning, repairing damaged tissues, and promoting bone, teeth, and skin health.

Available at most Pharmacies, Clicks pharmacies, Dis-Chems and Takealot.

Brain Food is a supplement that supports and cognitive health

Ashwagandha is used to support long-term mental health and increase stamina. Rhodiala Rosea is a natural supplement to help with concentration and energy. Ginkgo biloba is a well-known herb for improving both memory and brain function.  Phosphatidylserine is a nutrient that plays an important role in brain function.  It helps the body build proteins in your body, and produce enzymes, thyroid hormones, and the skin pigment melanin. Choline bitartrate supplements can help provide support for absentmindedness and maintain memory recall.

Available at selected Pharmacies, Clicks pharmacies and Takealot.

Use Immunadue to boost your immune system!

Immunadue contains 7 active ingredients. Each ingredient is specifically chosen for its unique health benefits! Learn more about the ingredients by CLICKING HERE or on the image below.

Your herbal solution for the whole family!

”Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.”— Jim Rohn

Available from most pharmacies and health shops at around R145 for 100 capsules

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” – Thomas Carlyle

FREE door to door delivery for orders above R500. Next day delivery for most areas in Gauteng. 3-5 days delivery for the rest of South Africa.

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