FOUR times more likely to get a cold if you don’t sleep enough!

This study was done with more than 160 participants, and those who rested more, were more likely to resist getting sick!

Many studies have been done on the importance of sleep, even though the effect that sleep has on the body’s wellbeing is not a topic that is 100% understood. The conclusion that many of these studies has come to, is that sleep plays a vital role in building a stronger immune system, which in turn, can help prevent the body against cold and flu or various other chronic conditions.

Your sleep pattern has an effect on many variables, including the types of immune cells in your blood and the type of immune system messengers found.

Try your best to sleep the recommended 8 hours per night. In addition, make sure that you get enough nutrients to further help the fight against infections. Furthermore, boost your immune system with your daily dose of Immunadue.

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