Why you Should Not Stress About Stress Management

Many people are continuously talking about how stressed they are and one even gets the idea that it has become a bit of a ‘competition’ to see who is the most stressed. The sad thing is that so many people are missing out on a good quality life because they either fail to recognise that they are stressed, or they know they are but are not practising effective stress management.


Stress, as we generally know it, is not a new phenomenon. It is interesting to note that prior to 1920, stress very rarely referred to a physiological state. In earlier centuries, stress would refer and relate to physical suffering brought on by ill health, natural disasters and wars. It is only with the development of the industrialised world that stress was recognised and diagnosed at an individual level. Diagnoses required stress management and the last nearly 100 years have seen an interesting array of stress management ideas. It has also seen many misdiagnoses and people, who really did suffer from stress, were treated for other afflictions – often with shocking and unfortunate results.


A lot of research has been done on stress, the causes, the long term effects and possible treatments. This research has shown that effective stress management is not only possible, but necessary. Most people are exposed to stress inducing factors on a daily basis, with little or no way to avoid it. The answer lies in effective stress management.


Each person is unique and requires a stress management system that suits their lifestyle, their belief system and their physical surroundings. Physical exercise, creative hobbies, meditation etc. have all proven to be good stress relievers. These, coupled with a clinical tested supplement, will greatly assist with stress management. It is no longer an option; stress management must be part of every person’s healthy living plan. While you cannot control all the external factors, you can control your own stress management system.

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