When to call the doctor: Cold or Flu


You might think that you are battling with a common cold, but in reality it might be a more severe case of the flu, which, as we know, can turn into pneumonia and a hospital stay if left untreated.

Fevers are often a sign that you are battling with flu, rather than cold, which means that it is already a more sever attack on your body. If you find that the fever is not disappearing after 3 days, it’s best to seek medical advice, as it might be a sign of a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections need specific treatment and won’t simply disappear with a typical flu or cold mixture.

A sore throat can be a symptom of either a cold or flu. But remember, the symptoms then will result in mild discomfort. If you find that it is very difficult (and very painful) to swallow, you might be battling a strep throat, and you’ll need prescription medication to send it packing.

A couch is another possible flu or cold symptom. But once again, if you keep on couching, following a couple of doses of couch medicine (a rough estimate is two to three weeks) your cold or flu have likely turned into bronchitis – and no over the counter remedy will take care of that infection! A fourth symptom of cold and flu is congestion. We all know that groggy feeling, where your head feels too big for your body… However, if your congestion, generally coupled with headaches, don’t disappear, it can lead to sinus and other bacterial infections, which will generally need an antibiotic. Prevention is much better than cure! Support your immune system and protect your body against cold and flu by taking your daily dose of Immunadue!  
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