What is Immunadue?

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Immunadue is a supplement that assists in supporting the functioning of the immune system, while also improving general well-being. / 

Immunadue is ‘n aanvulling wat help om die funksionering van die immuunstelsel te ondersteun, terwyl dit ook algemene welstand verbeter. /

Available at most Pharmacies, Clicks pharmacies, Dis-Chems and health shops. Simply ask for “The One With The Purple Cap”. / 

Beskikbaar by meeste Apteke, Clicks apteke, Dis-Chems en gesondheidswinkels. Vra eenvoudig vir “Die een met die pers prop”.

There are 7 raw elements in Immunadue / Daar is 7 roumateriale in Immunadue:


1. Hypoxis rooperi T.Moore

African Wild Potato

2. Sutherlandia frutescens (L.) R.Br

Sutherlandia / Cancer Bush

3. Vaccinium myrtillus L. (Bilberry, Fruit)


4. Medicago sativa L.


Barley Green

5. Hordeum vulgare L.


 6. Aloe ferox Mill.


7. Uncaria tomentosa (Willd. ex Schult.) DC. 

Cat’s Claw [root powder]

Available from most pharmacies and health shops at around R145 for 100 capsules.

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