Tshumba R15000!

Watch the video for more info!

Uma ungavisisi English usi founile sizokusita 0125468937

Buy Immunadue 100’s and send the following by SMS to 43366: Health + Black + unique code in bottle + Your home language.

Important! Your purchase must be made between 13-28 November! Keep your till slip as proof. (We’ll only need to see proof of purchase if you’re the winner)

Immunadue is the number 1 natural (herbal) multivitamin, multimineral, immune booster and antioxidant in South Africa for more than 18 years! Surely you’ve heard of the one with the purple cap before?

Available at all pharmacies and health stores!

Terms and conditions:

  • The draw will take place on 30 November.
  • 1st prize: R7500. 2nd prize R4000. 3rd prize R3500.
  • You can send as many unique codes as you want by sms – as long as you’ve purchased them between 13 – 28 November.

www.immunadue.co.za / 0125468937

Here are some testimonials from people who already use the product:

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