Over all health

I am using Immunadue for the past 3 months and I am quite surprised how I am feeling. My sugar levels are normal and my energy levels went up. Monday I tested positive with Covid and I do not experience the tiredness most people are complaining about. I can definitely recommend this all-natural product.

Morne V

Immunadue het my cholesterol af gebring

Dit hou my gesond en het my cholesterol afgebring!

Elize Fourie

I had high HPV cells

In 2019 I was diagnosed with high HPV cells when doing a routine pap smear. A colleague told me to take cat’s claw and I started doing some research on where I can find cat’s claw. An assistant in a Dis-Chem introduced me to Immunadue. In 2020 my pap smear came back clean from the “bad” high HPV count.

Este O.

Immune booster

I have been using immunadue for 6 years, I was struggling with fertility and I heard Dr Moima explain about it on radio. I then decided to try it, guess what, I had my precious baby girl at the age of 35! During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with bp, I still continued and my bp was controllable. I then had my second child born two years later. I have now introduced Immunadue to my two girls. Immunadue is our daily bread. Last week one of my girls tested positive for covid, still we used it as her immune boost!


Immune Booster

I have been feeling weak lately and a friend recommended Immunadue. Have used it for 3 weeks now and happy with the results. I am now able to sleep at night without using any sleeping tablets. Thank you. Have recommended it to my sister as she has hypertension.


More energy and better concentration

My mom and I are Immunadue’s biggest customers… We are obsessed with Immunadue. I like that its 100% natural.


More energy

In 2019 just before Covid arrived in SA, my daughter became ill when returning from Perth and I also became ill within 3 days…

I was so sick –  I didn’t know much of 5 days – and was so tired thereafter that I couldn’t get out of bed. I tried everything and my husband suggested Immunadue…within 2 weeks I started to get up and it was getting better each day… It took me about 2 months to regain my strength to stay up for the complete day.

Bets v S

Ek bly gesond en my cholesterol is beter

Ek gebruik nou al 4 maande Immunadue om my gesond te hou en dit werk baie goed. Ek was nog nie siek vandat ek dit gebruik nie. Dit het ook vir my cholesterol gehelp!

Elize F

Immuunversterker teen Covid

Wel, dit het regtig gehelp toe ek Covid gehad het, want ek het glad nie so siek soos die res van my gesin geword nie!

Ricky Potgieter

Boosting my immune

I heard about Immunadue from a client/friend of mine who recovered from Covid, she sent me the pic and I immediately bought it from Clicks. Since I started using it I have seen a huge difference in my body. I used to be tired most of the time, could not sleep properly, didn’t eat properly and I would often get sick and and at my young age this bothered me. I no longer experience any of these things. I feel rejuvenated and I even bought Immunadue for my Mom who is diabetic and she is as impressed with it… it is the best and we will ever stop using it!


Weak immune system

I always heard Doctor Moima talking about Immunadue and talking to older people, I thought maybe it is only meant for them. I was wrong – I bought 100 capsules… I am the person who always get influenza fast, because of a weak immune system, but after using Immunadue I am surprised that I didn’t get influenza! My parents are happy because of me not getting exposed to flu, we are using it the whole household. Thank you to doctor Moima and Immunadue!

Merriam moilamashi

For health reasons

At the beginning of the year I went to hospital to test for cervical cancer. They said I have something like a tumor… Not knowing if it’s cancerous, I asked for help through Immunadue Facebook page. They told me how to use their capsules. After 3 months going back to the hospital, there is no tumor, no painful intercourse, and more also now I am expecting after trying so long to have a second child! Thanx Immunadue 💜🧡

Ntebogang S.


Immunadue is ‘n alles in een vitamien wat dit soveel makliker maak, want ek hou nie van klomp verskillende pille drink nie en gebruik dit nou al vir jare en kom die verskil agter as ek dit nie drink nie. My Ma van 81 en my broer glo ook net aan hulle Immunadue elke dag. Wonderlike produk en beveel dit met graagte aan.

Magdalena Bradley

Better living

I’m using Immunadue for the boosting of my immune system and to have a better lifestyle. I have been using Immunadue for more less 6 months and I can feel the difference – I don’t feel tired and am more energetic!


Stronger Immune System

I have been using Immunadue for 4 years now – My main reason is to boost my immune system, but I can also say that I’m feeling a lot more energetic and it helps my concentration a lot!


My health

I feel more healthy. It helps me to focus more.

Melanie Smit

I had continued headaches for 4,5 years and loss of concentration

I remember it was in 2009, preparing for my Form 5 ( Grade 12 in SA). So I was listening to a gentleman selling the product on radio. The symptoms mentioned happened to be ones I was experiencing. I then contacted my Sister who resides in Rustenburg to get me the Immunadue capsules.

My problems were:
Continued headache which I thought was migraine.
Loss of concentration whenever I tried to study.

I took only 1 capsule a day and I regained my concentration level!  The headache disappeared and ever since then I’d never even had a Panado or had a headache. It healed me completely.

Thanks to you Immunadue, because I even picked my grades from 40% to an overall of 90%. Even went to University and am now employed in a hospital.

Honestly I feel I’m where I am because of Immunadue. I wish I could see the whole team and applaud you for the job well done.

From Angelinah in Gaborone Botswana.💓💓🙏

Angelinah J

Min of geen krag

Vir ‘n baie lang tyd, het ek agtergekom, ek gaan slaap moeg, staan moeg op, elke uur voel soos ‘n week. Gesukkel met asma, baie hoë cholestrol (oorerflike cholestrol), vir twee maande gebruik ek nou Immudadue (100 kapsules) en ek moet herken, ek voel goed, het baie meer energie, krag, om dinge te doen, konsentreer ook beter op my werk, slaap baie beter. Cholesterol telling is af van 13.5 na 7.4. Baie goeie produk. Beveel dit beslis aan!

Erika Moolman

Immunadue keeps me healthy

I am 70 years old – For me it’s important to feel healthy – I still cut my own grass and love working in the garden. I don’t get sick anymore and am not battling with any other illnesses. Thank you Immunadue!

Marita van Eeden

Immuniteit en gemoedstoestand

Hiermee my eerlike opinie van Immunadue met die Pers Prop. Ek is 85 jaar oud en gebruik dit al baie jare en geniet die voordele met groot dankbaarheid. Ek gebruik Immunadue om my immuniteit te bou en ook my gemoedstoestand te bevoerder – daardie EERSTE kapsule na ontbyt is ‘n groot plus punt vir my! Ek volg die aanwysings op die bottel soos aangedui en beveel Immunadue dan ook graag met groot vrymoedigheid aan. Dis waarlik ‘n GOEIE produk met gunstige resultate! Seënwense en DANKIE VIR N GOEIE PRODUK!

Marie Meiring

Helped my medical condition

I was feeling depressed, with a chronic head ache, sleepless nights and a sore ankle

Results: I am feeling relieved and can now sleep peacefully.

Andrew Tshikhwama


Ek was vir 7 jaar elke winter baie siek met bronchitus en longvliesontsteking.  2020 is die eerste winter waardeur ek is sonder om siek te word – selfs my dokter kon dit nie glo nie! Ek het gesê as ander so goed praat van hierdie produk, moet ek dit ook mos probeer – groot was my verbasing oor die resultate – selfs my kinders gebruik nou Immunadue!


Diabetes, Hypertension, serious cholesterol, possible auto immune disease (still being tested) and multiple lymph Nodes

I am almost 50 yrs old. Diabetic for 20 years. Over the last 5 years my immunity has run down horribly. No strength, constantly tired. Extremely low energy levels, rather forgetful. Early this year 2021, I read a link on social media, linking to your product. So I decided what’s there to lose, I have been on your product “religiously” for 4 months and I can vouch that it is indeed the BEST PRODUCT I have ever used. I am active, loads of energy, BP lower, Cholesterol greatly reduced and memory now on point. I am not here to promote this product, I am here to honour God for the wisdom that He has instilled to the team behind this magnificent product. All Glory and honour to God Almighty for this product and your obedience. Finally the ✝️ on the purple lid days it all. IT IS FINISHED.


Boost immune system

I started to drink Immunadue to boost my immune system when Covid hit South Africa for the first time. My husband is diabetic and I put him on the tablets as well. His wrist was very sore and he couldn’t use it for quite some time. After he started with the tablets his wrist healed 100% and all other aches and pains dissappeared. Then I only started to read more about the tablets and I was so impressed that I put my whole family including my mother in law of 85 on the tablet. We never go without it. I make sure that I always have a spare bottle. Excellent product.

Lily Oosthuizen

Immunadue helps me to exercise better!

I used to be so weak – most times even after just a short walk – and got tired fast. I got Immunadue and within days of usage I was able to exercise well and feel great thereafter. I am covering kilometres and I feel brand new!

George Mlimq

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