Natural colon cleansing – is it necessary and why?

The main aim behind colon cleansing, is making sure that you expel all the colon contents. Through time, there can be residues in your colon (as with any other organ), and a good system cleanse might help you get rid of it. Theories (part of the ancient research) include the theory of autointoxication. This is the process whereby mucus buildup form in the colon, as a result of undigested foods. This then leads to the production of toxins, which can enter your bloodstream, basically leading to toxicities.

How accurate these theories are, are still debatable, but there is little doubt that a blocked colon will not perform optimally. It’s been said that these toxins/infective operation of the colon, can cause symptoms ranging from low energy levels to fatigue, headaches and even weight gain. Further to that, infections and inflammation of the colon can lead to an array of other conditions, ranging from a case of diarrhea to colon polyps and even colon cancer.

Consumers are leaning more towards natural products for colon cleansing, such as herbal teas, laxatives, enemas and other vitamins and minerals.

Colon cleansing has also been performed in relation to other conditions, such as spasms, before and after bowel surgeries and bowel leakage, amongst others.

If you decide to give your colon a boost, whether it be to investigate some of the ancient theories, or simply to spring clean your system every once in a while, make sure that invest in high quality products, and if at all possible, talk to a health practitioner first.
Also remember that Immunadue can be taken as your daily colon support – with benefits ranging from basic colon cleansing to boosting your overall digestive system for optimal performance. Your body should last you a lifetime – for that reason it is vital that you support it with the necessary vitamins and minerals.


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