The Immune Modulator: Some Facts


An immune modulator is any substance that modifies and regulates the operations of your immune system. They can boost a weakened immune system or slow down an overactive one. It will have little to no effect on an immune system that is operating efficiently and correctly though.


There is not a one-liner answer on exactly how immune modulators work. It is postulated that they affect the production of cytokines or immune system messengers. More cytokines means that the immune system is more aware of what the body needs and can thus function more efficiently.


What has been found is that an immune modulator given to an individual with a weakened immune system at different dosage level will eventually cause the same net effect. The higher dosages will have a faster effect than lower dosages, but the balance point that is reached is the same for that specific individual.


However, it should be noted that the effects of immune modulators are not permanent. After a period of time after cessation of treatment, the immune system will revert to its former state. As such, a low maintenance does is recommended. There is no benefit to staying on a high dosage however as the effects will reach a plateau and the higher dosage will no longer have the extraordinary effect.


It is true that in today’s society, stress and weakened immune systems are running rampant. This means that immune modulators are becoming a necessary part of daily supplement intake. It is important to know what you are taking and why you are taking it so that you can be sure that you take the correct dosage. Although overdosing on an immune modulator is not likely, taking higher dosages for extended periods of time, or after your immune system has reached its balance point, has no benefits whatsoever. So make sure that you get professional assistance in finding the correct maintenance dosage and in establishing when your immune system is as good as it should be.


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