Discover a revolution in immune support

Discover A Revolution In Immune Support

Make Immuna-C a staple in your wellness routine, an advanced immune system support that goes beyond conventional Vitamin C.

This potent supplement provides a comprehensive solution to boost your immune system, removing the necessity for additional expensive supplements. Easily integrate Immuna-C into your daily regimen for exceptional immune support, and it pairs seamlessly with Immunadue as a complementary support supplement.

Active Ingredients

Discover a revolution in immune support – Calcium Ascorbate, the gentle giant of Vitamin C. But that’s not all – buckle up for a powerful additional trio with Zinc Gluconate, Selenium, and Vitamin D3 joining the ranks for an unrivalled defence against the elements.


Zinc Gluconate

Known to play a critical role in cell growth, wound healing, immunity, protein and DNA synthesis.



Nurtures cardiovascular wellbeing and bolsters thyroid function for optimal metabolism

Fish oil isolated on white background

Vitamin D3

With neurotransmitters like serotonin, Vitamin D3 helps to improve mood and overall mental well-being


Calcium Ascorbate

Improves immune functioning, repairing damaged tissues, and promoting bone, teeth, and skin health

Why Our Clients Choose Immuna-C

Amplify your defences against common threats and accelerate recovery for enhanced wellbeing with Immuna-C Supplements

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