How You Can Lower Your Cholesterol Levels Fast

If you do have high cholesterol levels, however, you will be happy to know that you can see major reductions in cholesterol levels within six weeks. With a number of simple yet effective life style changes you can lower your cholesterol levels and regain your health.


Lose the trans fat

One of the key factors in dropping your cholesterol levels is to greatly reduce the amount of saturated fats in your diet. Butter and cooking oils such as sunflower oils are the types of oils which must be reduced. Opt to steam your foods, eat more raw foods or cook with very little oils. Do not cut out all fats however, healthy fats such as essential fatty acids and olive oils are good for you.


Increase dietary fibre

Increasing your dietary fibre in your diet will also help to lower your cholesterol levels. The reason for this is that dietary fibres bind to the cholesterol and then act like a broom, sweeping the cholesterol from the arteries. Favour foods such as beans, fruits, nuts, whole wheat breads and vegetables.


Get moving

Regular physical exercise will immediately reduce LDL, ‘bad cholesterol’, yet at the same time it also increases the good cholesterol. Regular physical exercise also works the heart muscle and helps pump blood to the other cells and organs. Try to up your exercise to 3-5 times a week, these exercises can be moderate such as brisk walks but adding weight training to your routine will also be beneficial.


Stop smoking

When you stop smoking you can improve HDL cholesterol level. Not only this but your blood pressure decreases.


You can reduce the levels of your cholesterol in a short space of time with just these changes to your lifestyle.

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