Difference between natural and chemical vitamins and minerals

What is the difference between a natural and a chemical multivitamin and mineral? A natural multivitamin and multimineral is seen by your body as food, which is why the absorption of a natural product is so much better – the available vitamins then also occurs in the proportions as nature would make it available to us. To illustrate, you will see that your urine is much less yellow when you use a natural product, than when you take a chemical multivitamin. Your body absorbs so much more of the natural product, and therefore excretes much less through your urine. If you look at many of the labels of the chemical multivitamins, you will see that the product contains up to 1000% RDA of certain vitamins. That is 10 times more than your body needs. Your body is going to excrete a lot of these excess vitamins, but it puts unnecessary pressure on your kidneys – it can lead to kidney stones and an abnormal blood pressure – all because your kidneys can not function optimally now, but need to focus on getting rid of the excess vitamins.

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