Constipation Treatment Options

Is your daily diet adding to the problem?


constipation daily diet


A change in your daily diet or even your exercise routine, can lead to constipation, or worsen an already present condition. Make a list of all recent food changes (if applicable) and see if you can find a link between when you changed your diet, and when you started having constipation issues. Try to eliminate any food groups that might be adding to your problem.


We all know that water is important to us and the importance of enough water cannot be over-emphasised. Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water. This is crucial for proper bowel movements and being dehydrated can quickly leave you feeling constipated.


Finally, make sure that your diet includes fibre rich items. Something as basic as adding prunes, bran, nuts, peas and even certain fruits and veggies to your diet, can help your body obtain some of the necessary fibre. Without enough fibre in your system, your digestive system cannot operate optimally and your body will have trouble performing basic tasks such as proper digestion of your food.

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