Are you strong enough for a cold winter?

Did you know that your immune system is the body’s defense against disease?

Each person has three types of immune systems, namely:

Natural immune system: You are born with this – for example: your skin blocking viruses and bacteria that try to invade your body.

Flexible immune system: This develops if you are exposed to or vaccinated against certain diseases. If the virus then reappears, you already have the antibodies to attack and kill it.

Passive immune system: This is borrowed from another source. An example here is breast milk that gives a baby antibodies against diseases that the mother has already had.

An immune stimulant or booster like Immunadue protects your body against viruses and bacteria and can shorten your illness period by as much as four days!

Immunadue is South Africa’s popular natural (herbal) supplement and has been on the market for more than 18 years! It does not contain any chemicals, so you can still take your chronic medication with peace of mind.

The ingredients in Immunadue are as follows:

Sutherlandia: Immune booster. Contains gaba which relieves anxiety and improves sleep, pinitol which improves insulin curves, and l-canaphanine which has anti-cancer properties.

• Africa Wild Potato: Immune Booster. Contains rooperol which is a strong antioxidant, plus B-sitosterol and sitosterol which help against cholesterol.

Bilberry: Antioxidant. Contains anthocyanins that are anti-inflammatory, and tannins that can improve eyesight.

• Barley Green: Antioxidant. Provides vitamins and minerals and balances your pH level, contains superoxide dismutation enzymes that prevent cell aging.

Alfalfa: Alkalizer. Provides vitamins and minerals, contains saponins that help fight cholesterol.

• Aloe Vera: Antioxidant. Provides vitamins and amino acids, removes bacteria and viruses.

• Cat’s Claw: Immune booster. Anti-inflammatory properties help counteract arthritis pain, also helps with DNA repair after chemotherapy or other damage.

Give your body the extra bit of support it needs this winter …

Immunadue is available at all pharmacies, Dis-Chem, Clicks and Takealot at about R145 for 100 capsules. You can also CLICK HERE to buy on our site.

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