Natural Body Detox – 4 weeks to a healthier you

Week 2 – Increase your water intake

For a Body detox you should drink more water

Drink more water

A great way to get all the waste out of your body is to do it the natural way. By drinking a lot of water, you will rid your body and kidneys of this waste. By drinking more water, you will also supress some of those food cravings as your stomach will be full most of the day.

Eat Organic

Remember that a body detox doesn’t mean starving yourself. It is only a way to get rid of toxins on your body. It is far easier to stop the toxins from getting into your body in the first place than trying to get rid of it later on. Try and eat organic rather than processed food. Also try and eat raw, fresh vegetables and fruit, rather than canned and precooked vegetables.

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