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5 Easy Steps to A Stronger Immune System

immune system1. Get a handle on your stresses


Stress is a major contributor to the weakening of the immune system yet in my opinion it is not spoken about enough. When we are stressed we suppress our immune systems and open ourselves up to many illnesses. Just think about all the times you have fallen sick with the flu after a stressful period?

There are a number of ways to get a handle on your stress factors, one practice that I use often is the practice of mindfulness, being present in the moment with whatever you are doing. You can also change your perspective of a difficult situation so that you can feel better, even if that means giving up your need to be right.


2. Favour fresh foods


Simply adding more fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can help you to boost your immune system. Reduce your amount of process and packaged foods and increase your intake of fresh foods. Make it part of your routine to substitute one of your meals with a salad and include at least 2 fruits per day into your diet.


3. Add an immune booster


It's important to add an immune booster in your daily routine. Vitamin C supplements are the most common type, but there are also others such as cloves of garlic. I pop a clove of garlic into my mouth on a daily basis or I make myself some toast with chopped garlic on it and some tomatoes. There are also other herbs that are great to drink as teas as the boost your immune system.


4. Exercise


Get your heart rate up at least once a day! Whether it is dancing or walking or taking the stairs. Exercise does wonders for your overall health and your immune system. Mix up your routines during the week with both cardiovascular and weight training sessions.


5. Sleep


Proper rest is just as important as all the others in having a health immune system. If you struggle to sleep you may want to try some meditation before bed