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A Quick Look at B Vitamins – Part 1


There are 7 different B vitamins and they all have important functions in your daily diet. B vitamins are found in most supplements and most energy boosters.


Here we will take a quick look at each of the B vitamins in terms of its uses and sources.



Thiamin (B1)

Vitamin B1 is used in conjunction with other B vitamins to break down food and release its energy. It is also integral in keeping the nervous system healthy. It can be found in most food types. The most common sources are vegetables, fruits, eggs, wholegrain breads, liver and fortified cereals. The RDA for me is 1mg and 0.8mg for women. It cannot be stored and so has to be included in your daily food intake.


Riboflavin (B2)

Riboflavin is used in maintaining skin, eye and nervous system health. It is also instrumental in releasing energy from the foods that we eat. B2 can be found in milk, eggs, rice and fortified cereals. The RDA for men is 1.3mg and 1.1mg for women. As with B1, B2 cannot be stored in the body so you need to ensure that you get your RDA on a daily basis.


Niacin (B3)

Niacin is used in maintaining skin health and keeping the nervous system ticking. It is also used in releasing energy from the foods that we eat. Niacin comes in two forms, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide, both of which can be found in the foods we eat on a daily basis. Good sources of niacin are meat, fish, wheat flour, eggs and milk. The RDA for men is17mg and 13mg for women. This B vitamin also cannot be stored and must be consumed on a daily basis.


Pantothenic Acid

This B vitamin is used in releasing energy from the food that we eat. This is a very common B vitamin and can be found in almost everything we eat. Most common sources include chicken, beef, potatoes, porridge, tomatoes, kidney, eggs, broccoli and whole grains. There is no set RDA for pantothenic acid however it cannot be stored in the body and should be taken on a daily basis.