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Stabilise blood sugar by paying attention

blood-sugar1There are a lot of people who find that their blood sugar levels fluctuate throughout the day to the point where they have a lot of energy one minute and are shaking from low blood sugar the next. This is greatly due to a poor diet and not eating the right foods during your breaks. It is important to stabilise blood sugar levels so that you are always on top of your game.


One of the biggest problems is the high sugar foods that tend to be the staple diet of most people. The high sugar content will cause spikes in blood sugar and that rushed feeling of manic energy. The crash following these episodes can leave you feeling nauseated and tired. These kinds of foods should be avoided if you want to have any chance of trying to stabilise blood sugar levels on a daily basis.


Instead of eating those foods high in processed sugars, you should be looking at eating foods that are low GI. This means that they are metabolised more slowly and contain more complex sugars and starches. They will help you to stabilise blood sugar levels since the sugar they contain is released more slowly and so gives you a consistent sugar level throughout the day.


If you are a diabetic or have a high metabolism, you will need to modify the way that you eat to accommodate these issues. Those with diabetes should try to cut sugar out of their diet completely and remember to take their insulin shots to ensure that their blood sugar is as stable as possible. If you have a high metabolism you will need to eat more often than people who have a normal metabolism. Do not be tempted to eat the high sugar foods - they will not keep your system on an even keel.


The last thing that you can do to stabilise blood sugar levels is to eat small meals more frequently instead of three large meals a day. This allows your system to get the nutrients in small amounts on a consistent basis and so keep the flow of sugar into your body consistent.